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Mar, 2021

Early Season Information for Parents!

Hello Parents,

We know that everyone is excited and antsy to get going this season, but we are still in preparation mode and trying to pull all the details together. Especially since this season will be one that exists in our current Covid World.

We are currently still forming teams and trying to find Managers to assign teams to. Until we get each Division squared away we won't have our teams figured out. And until we have managers for teams in place, and rosters to Managers, we can't set the schedule for practices. And from there, start to write any semblance of a game schedule. 

In the midst of that we are still planing the following Zoom meetings: Parent/League, Coach/Division Training, Safety/Covid Training, and Umpire Training. We will have details released on all of those items very shortly.

We understand communication is king and so is information to help give you an idea of what to expect. So with that, here is some basic information below for all Divisions that may help a bit while we push hard through prep mode. 

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our Discount Shopping Weekend at our Sponsor DICK's Sporting Goods. That will be happening the weekend of March 28th.

Also in addition to forming teams we will need to get the fields ready to use. Be on the lookout for some field work days in the near future. Each Division of coaches/teams will work together to prep the fields they will be playing on. More information on that to follow. 

Tee Ball (Ages 4/5):

We typically practice one weeknight and Saturday. Games when they start will be on Saturdays. There "may" be a weeknight game, later in the season. Tee Ball will not hit the field until first week of April. Games will not start until May.

Rookie (Ages 6/7):
Same as Tee Ball above, but teams may get an additional weeknight for practice. There is a better chance games can be on weeknights along w/ Saturdays, later in the season as well. TBD. Practice first of April, Games start in May.

Farm Baseball and Softball (Ages 7/8):

We are hoping to start practices end of March and games around April 19th. Typically there are 2 weeknight practices and a Saturday Practice. Games are Saturday and can be weeknights. 

Minor Baseball and Softball: (Ages 9/10)
Practices start 2 weeknights and Saturday. Games will be weeknights and Saturdays. Practices to start end of March, games around April 19th. 

Majors Baseball and Softball (ages 11/12)
Same as Minors

Intermediate Baseball (13 yrs)
Same as Majors/Minors

Junior Softball and Baseball (13/14)
Same as Major/Minor/Intermediate

As always your patience is most definitely appreciated. If there are questions that you can't find answers for on our website (FAQ's), please let us know. We are happy to help out. 

Thank you,
President/Information Officer

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