Executive Board:
President: Chris Minnich - [email protected]

Vice President of Baseball: Chris Azevedo - [email protected]

Vice President of Softball: Renee Cote - [email protected]

Secretary: Rachel Cary - [email protected]

Treasurer: Renee Cote - [email protected]

Player Agent: Mary Ann Smith - [email protected]

Safety Officer: Rachel Hadley - [email protected]

Board Members:
Registrar: VACANT  - [email protected]

Equipment Coordinator: Jonathan Young - [email protected]

Uniform Coordinator: Jesse Brenneman - [email protected]

Field Maintenance: Tony Burgard - [email protected]

Snack Shack Coordinator: VACANT - Snack [email protected]

Fundraising Coordinator: Tanya Merritt - [email protected]

Volunteer Coordinator: Paul Dunn - [email protected]

Information Officer: Jessika Magnet - [email protected]

Social Media: Kristina Browning

Sponsorship Coordinator: VACANT - [email protected]

T-Ball Coordinator: VACANT -

Rookie Coordinator: Kirsten Smith - [email protected]

Farm Baseball Coordinator: Yoshi Hosaka - [email protected]

Minor Baseball Coordinator: VACANT  - [email protected]

Major Baseball Coordinator: Chris Azevedo - [email protected]

Upper Division Baseball Coordinator: VACANT - [email protected]

Baseball Umpire in Chief: VACANT - [email protected]

Farm Softball Coordinator: VACANT- [email protected]

Minor Softball Coordinator: VACANT- [email protected]

Major Softball Coordinator: VACANT - [email protected]

Upper Division Softball Coordinator: VACANT- [email protected]

Softball UIC: VACANT - [email protected]

Fall Ball Coordinator: Scott Cary - [email protected]

Web Master: Brittney Young - [email protected]

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