Each year our Upper Division Coaches are scheduled and required to Umpire other teams games in their own Division. The reason behind this is Little League is a 100% volunteer non-paid organization. But in addition these upper divisions are ones that have player eligibility for All-Stars. At the conclusion of the season Coaches are responsible for nominating and voting players onto respective All-Star teams. Working other teams games gives coaches more visibility and exposure to potential All-Star selections.

Aside from the above reasons, we find that coaches that commit to umpire duties have a better all around outlook, understanding and appreciation for the game. 

Each year CLL tries to hold their own in-house Umpire Clinic, in addition to our District (2) holding a clinic for all District 2 leagues. While this is not "required' it is highly encouraged. The Farm Division Coaches are also welcome to attend. 

Do note that we encourage non-coaches to get involved as umpires as well. i.e. Parents, Friends, Family Members, etc.

ALL UMPIRES must complete their Concussion Training online.

For some additional on-line training,
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All important date, time and location information as it pertains to the above, may be found on the league calendar and will be distributed through your respective Division Coordinator or corresponding BB/SB Vice President.

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