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Where we like to share information on drills, training, games, tips and more. For additional information join our Coaches Corner Facebook group for the latest and greatest content that we find in various facebook coaching and organization outlets and more!Welcome to the Coaches Corner Training Page. The following list of videos are simply "suggestions" and not absolute guidelines for coaches and their teams. Please know many of these videos will vary in age level and ability.  Also please know while many things are similar to baseball and softball, there can be mild differences. We have tried to share a mix of both of them. Enjoy as you wish.

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Here is a video breaking down some basics of throwing with grip, arm slot, and footwork - Throwing Video #1

Combination video for throwing/hitting: Focus on grip, body direction w/ target, the topic of pushing vs throwing, and body follow through. Catching with above/below waist and glove position. - Throwing Video #2

A good drill to use for younger ages 5-8 and catching without a glove using the hands. Focusing on glove position (fingers up). - Barehand Fingers Up Catching

Here is a 5-Step throwing progression good for some older kids (Farm/Minors and Up) - 5-Step Throwing Progression


Here is some basics of pitching broken down into 6 steps. A good video for beginning pitchers at the Farm, Minor and even Major level - 6 Steps of Basic Pitching (baseball)

Three steps to becoming a better pitcher -  3-Steps to better pitching (baseball)

Basics of Softball Pitching - Snap Work, The "K"- Basic Softball Pitching

Olympic Coach Mike Candrea - How to pitch a Softball - Mike Candrea SB Pitching

Basics of Softball Pitching - Ball Grip, snap for spin, body posture, hips and arm movement - Basic Softball Pitching Video #2

Here is some Softball Fundamentals with top Pitcher Amanda Scarborough - Amanda Scarborough Softball Pitching

Advanced Softball pitching working on ball spin and wrist snap - Softball Spin and Snap


Basics of hitting with Cal Ripken Jr - Hitting Basics with Cal Ripken Jr

Baseball hitting with Cal Ripken Jr - Weight Shift Drill

Hitting 101 with Tony Gwynn - Tony Gwynn Hitting  101

Tony Gwynn advanced hitting drills w/ tee - Tony Gwynn Advanced Hitting Drills

Softball Hitting Stance and Grip Basics - Softball Stance and Grip - Hitting

Softball Hitting with Mike Candrea - Working on weight shift - Mike Candrea SB Hitting - Weight Shift

Softball Hitting with UCLA Coach Sue Enquist - Sue Enquist Softball Hitting

Softball Hitting Stations - Maximizing your work for all aspects of hitting - Softball - 8 Hitting Station Ideas


Pre-pitch fielding approach w/ footwork - Pre-Pitch Movement - Defense

How to field a ground ball in Softball - Softball Ground Ball Work

Softball video on fly ball work - Softball - Fly Balls

Cal Ripken Fielding Basics - Cal Ripken Fielding Basics


(ideas for practices, that can work on enhancing the basics above or going more advanced)

The 4-Corner Drill - More advanced for infielders, especially middle infielders - 4-Corner Drill

Cal Ripken Fielding Drills - Cal Ripken Fielding Drills (middle infielders)

Cal Ripken Throw after the Catch Drill - Ripken - throw after the catch drill

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