Q - Is my child old enough to play?

A - Please check the
"Little League Age Calculator" to verify eligibility. Players must be 4 or 5.

Q - 
 How many practices do we have a week and what time are they at?

A - Typically each season we have around 20 T-Ball teams alone, and with nearly 50 teams overall in our league. Until we form all teams, it’s impossible to be exactly certain as to what our schedule will be. But typically T-Ball Coaches are given 2 weeknight practice options (either 530-630 OR 630-730), and given one Saturday time slot for 1.5 hours. How many days and for how long is entirely up to each individual Coach. Practices typically start 1st of April. Games will be Saturdays (replacing practice that day), starting from typically 9 AM til approx.. 2 pm.  Games will start typically in Mid-April. Season concludes roughly two weeks into June.

For older divisions (Minor and up), teams typically start practice before Spring Break. Games starting 1st of April. Practices usually range from 2-3 per week with one being Saturday.

Q - What gear does my child need for T-Ball

A -  A glove is a must. The league will provide your child with a hat and jersey/shirt once games are close. The league recommends getting baseball pants or an appropriate type of pant for practice/game. Yes you can wear jeans or whatever you want, and this only our suggestion. Something that shall be comfortable and suitable for activity.  While cleats are not required, the Oregon Spring weather usually brings some rain. So there will be times where you are dealing with mud. And having traction with cleats is a nice thing and will help prevent slipping and potential injury. We recommend.

Q -  Where are practice and games?

A -  T-Ball plays majority of their events at Bilquist Elementary (especially games). There will be some events at Riverside Park, Friends Church, and Clackamas Elementary. See our Website for further field location details.

Q - My Child played T-Ball last year, do they have to again?

A - In order to move to the next level beyond T-Ball (Rookie Baseball and Farm Softball), your child will need at least a year in T-Ball. If your child started T-Ball at the age of 4, they will need to play T-Ball at the age of 5. Starting in 2016, 6 year olds will be placed automatically at the Rookie level for BB and Farm for SB. Children 7 and up will need to attend one of the two league assessments in February. These are mandatory. See website and FB for further information.

If you have any other questions, please email us ([email protected]).



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