The Rookie Division is our introductory to baseball after T-Ball. Per the  Little League Baseball Age Calculator, players must be 6 years old to play. Any player that is 7 will be placed at the rookie level if they do not assess high enough to be placed in farm baseball. 7 year olds that do not attend any assessment sessions will automatically be placed in rookie baseball. Rookie Baseball is Machine Pitch. To see an example of pitching, see our Rookie FAQ section. For the first half of the season, players that do not get a hit off the machine in game will be able to use a Tee. The game is also played with a Rookie grade "Softie" Ball. Similar to Tee Ball, but a bit more firm.

Played with 9 players in normal positions with potentially one extra outfielder serving as a 10th player.

Players may advance past first w/ hits to the outfield. Early in the season the batter will receive a certain # of pitches from the machine, and if they do not make contact they can use the Tee. Later in the season the Tee is phased out. Teams record 3 outs, or switch when 5 runs are scored per inning. No stealing of bases at this level.  

Field Dimensions and Special Rules:
60' bases. No pitching at this level. Catcher used (not in 2021). No drop 3rd, as it's machine pitch and tee work early season.

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