Our Majors Division is typically players 11 and 12 years old, based on the Little League Age Calculator

10 year olds may be eligible to play in this division, based on advanced Assessment Scores. 11 years olds that are coming from Minors MUST assess in order to be considered for Majors. Most 11 year olds will be in the Major Division. Only players that are deemed a safety risk, may stay at the Minor Division. Player Agent is responsible for placement.

The pitching distance is 46 feet in this division and bases are 60 feet. Pitch Counts are monitored per the Little League Pitch Count Rules.  As with each division of player pitch, pitch counts will apply.

Roster batting with Little League 15 and 10 run mercy rules in effect. No limit on runs per inning. Stealing allowed, and dropped 3rd strike. No lead-off.

*Players in this division will qualify for post-season All-Star Play*.

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