INTERMEDIATE "50/70" (13 yrs)

Our Intermediate Division is for players ages 11,  12 and 13 based on the Little League Age Calculator 12 year olds do have the option to sign up for either Majors OR Intermediate at the time of registration before Assessments, however are not guaranteed to be placed there. 11 year olds may only be eligible by special request, assessment and with approval for the Board.  This Divisions is comprised mostly of 13 year olds.

Pitching distance in this division is 50 feet, while bases are 70 feet. . Little League mercy rules are in effect.  PItch Count rules per Little League apply.

Roster or Lineup Batting. Leading off is allowed.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee players League Age 11 and 12 a spot in the 50/70 Division. A player's placement in 50/70 is based on several factors including the number of players registered by age group, the number of teams in the division, and player assessments. If your child is not placed on a team in the 50/70 division, he or she will be placed in the Major Division. Final decisions on player placement are determined by the Player Agent and Board.

*Players in this division will qualify for post-season All-Star Play*.

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