League ages 7-8 may play in the Farm Division based on the Little League Softball Age Chart

Players who are league age 9 will require approval by 2/3 vote of Player Agent, Division Coordinator, League VP’s and President to play in Farm. The Board may make decisions for any reason the Board deems appropriate, but most importantly will be the players safety to herself and the other players in the division.

Farm Softball is our first level of Softball and is playing most of the year with an 11" "Softie" Softball. Depending on District Approved Rules for the Season, teams may use a hard ball at the end of the seasons play.

There are 9 players in the field w/ an in game option of a 4th outfielder/10th player based on each teams Managers agreement.  The season will start out with mechanical machine pitch. With the idea that player pitching is being developed in practices. Shortly into the season, teams will advance to player and coach pitch. If a player delivers 4 balls, then a coach will come in and finish the at bat. Players can strike out, but can not walk. Pitching distance is 25 feet and can be down to 20 feet while developing strikes.

There is no stealing in Farm.  Bases are at 60 feet.  Batting is continuous roster. Players may advance past first with a hit to the outfield. 5 run rule per inning with 10 run mercy rule for game.

*ONLY 8 year olds that are approved by the Board are eligible for post season All-Star play at the level*



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