Majors Softball is player only pitching, with a 12" ball.

Typical age for this division is 11 and 12 year olds based on the Little League Softball Age Chart.  ONLY the advanced top 5% of 10 year olds are eligible to play in this division based on assessment scores. Each year varies for the # of players total from Majors to Minors, so it's not an exact science that can carry over year to year in determining if any 10's are eligible to begin with, aside from scores.

Pitching distance is 40 feet. Bases are 60 feet. Pitch Count rules in effect. Drop 3rd strike is used.

Players may steal. Drop 3rd in effect. Batting is continuous roster. No run rule per inning, however LL Mercy Rule in effect.

*Players in this division will qualify for post-season All-Star Play*.

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