All-Star Eligibility

To be considered for All Stars, players must meet the following criteria established by Little League:

League Age: Players must be the appropriate League Age. Players must provide an original birth certificate.

Residence: Players must live in or attend school within the CLL boundary, or have an appropriate waiver. Players must provide three proofs of residence or one proof of school attendance.

Participation: Players must have participated in 60% of their team's regular season games. A player's team must have played a minimum of 8 regular season games. Games only count if they are considered a regulation game under Little League Rules. CLL's Board of Directors may permit a player who has not met the 60% requirement if the player provides a physician's note documenting an injury or illness before or during the current season prohibiting the player's participation. The physician's note must release the player for the balance of the regular season and/or tournament play.

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