All-Star Selection

Selection of Teams:

There is a considerable overlap of ages for players in the Minor and Major Divisions. Players League Age 9, 10, and 11 are eligible for more than one All Star team. Players will be considered for all teams for which they are eligible. Teams will be selected as follows:

First, CLL will select players for the 10-12 team among all eligible players. The goal is to select the most competitive team possible among all eligible players. Most often 12 year old players have a stronger position over 11 and 10 yr old players for the 10-12. But each year is different and everything is speculation until nomination and voting.

Second, CLL will select players for the 9-11 team. The goal is to select the most competitive team among all players not selected for the 10-12 team.

Third, CLL will select players for the 8-10 team. The goal is to select the most competitive team among all players not selected for the 10-12 and 9-11 teams. Often at this level you will see two teams formed.

Players League Age 11 and 12 who play only Intermediate (50/70) Baseball during the regular season are also eligible for the 10-12 team.

Selection of Players:

CLL selects players for All-Stars by a vote of the team managers and 1st Coach based on their playing ability and availability.

Ability: A player’s ability is determined solely by the individuals making the team selections, including team managers and coach. 

Availability: A player must be available for all practices and games. Families must plan vacations and other commitments accordingly.

Alternates: Players not selected for an All-Star team may be placed in a pool to fill a vacancy if one arises and the Board of Directors decides to fill it.

Announcement: The Board of Directors must approve the final team rosters. Little League prohibits the release of names of the players selected before June 1.

All-Star Coach Selection Process:

Managers & 1st Coach for All-Stars are voted on by regular season Manager and 1st Coach (Or assistant if one of the prior are absent). 

Regular Season Managers/Coaches may not vote for themselves, but they can vote for their regular season coaching partner.

Once the Manager & Head Coach are in place for an All-Star team, those individuals then hand pick their assistant based on the remaining candidates interested. 

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