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Important!!! Please note that T-Ball players and 6 year old Baseball Players DO NOT assess. Challenger Players, and 13-16 year old Baseball and Softball do not assess.

6 year olds that are wanting to play softball MUST assess to be considered for the Farm Division.

We reference "league playing age" quite often. That sometimes is NOT the players real age. To determine your childs playing age, please click on "player registration" and then click on "player

 league age calculator".


Baseball and Softball players that are league age 7 to 12, should plan to attend assessments. 6 year softball players and 7 year old baseball players must attend if they wish to play at the Farm level.  If you have players that are borderline ages for Divisions (7 year olds Rookie/Farm, 8 year olds Farm/Minor, 10 year olds Minor/Major, and 12 year olds Majors/Intermediate), they will need to attend if they wish to potentially make the highest division possible.

Examples Below of Ages and Divisions they can play in:

A 7 year old can play Rookie or they can play Farm.

An 8 year old could play Farm or Minors.

A 9 year old could play Minors OR Farm.

A 10 year old could play Minors or Majors.

An 11 year old could play Majors or Minors.

Lots of fluctuation can happen. Remember, a player can not play at a division LOWER than they did the previous year. If they wish to achieve the HIGHEST division possible for the upcoming year, they MUST attend 50% of assessments.


Our 2020 Assessments will be located at Rex Putnam High School (4950 SE Roethe Rd, Milwaukie OR 97267). The schedule can be found on the Assessment Schedule Tab . In addition to assessments we will have board members on site verifying league documentation (proof of residency and birth certificates). For more information on those documents, please contact us directly at [email protected]


 January 26th and February 9th - See Assessment Schedule Tab for information.

Important Items to Know:

  • To ensure that we have your player on our printed assessment sheets, we ask that you have the player registered no later than the Thursday before the Sunday Assessment.  We can NOT guarantee that walk-ins day of will be included to assess due to high volume. Online registration "may" be turned off for divisions above Tee Ball during assessment weekends.
  • Assessments are vital for the league in determining proper placement of players at their respective levels. As well Minor teams and above use the assessment process for drafting players.
  • Players are welcome to attend BOTH assessment sessions.
  •  If a player does NOT attend either assessment session, they will be blind drafted (Minors and Majors ONLY). Meaning they are placed on a team and a teams Manager/Coach can not select them personally.

    Again, PLEASE make sure you verify your child's "league age" by verifying on the Litlte League Website at the following link - https://www.littleleague.org/play-little-league/determine-league-age/

    Please know that we run Assessments in groups, so check-in for a group is vital as we can not accommodate players that show up in the middle of a group session.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,


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