Required Gear



For divisions above T-Ball, we recommend considering a quality leather glove, but most importantly not a cheap vinyl glove. Often the lesser quality gloves are difficult for kids to open up and shut, hindering their ability to play catch and field fly balls. Also, please ensure that the glove is appropriate size for your child.


The league will supply all levels with helmets and bats. However, it is common that parents/kids elect to bring their own, especially in the older divisions.


Due to the wet Oregon weather, it's recommended kids wear cleats, especially older divisions. However, it's not a requirement. Please note that cleats do provide traction during damp days and help to prevent slipping and injury. 

Softball Mask:

Please be advised that currently Little League does not mandate the use of face masks for softball players defensively in the field. However CLL will provide one face mask per team for pitchers. All CLL Softball helmets are equipped with face masks, but again are not required by LL.   

Baseball Cup and Catchers Mask (throat guard):

Little League requires all catchers to be equipped with a cup in a proper athletic supporter. Players that are not catching, that are in Farm Division and above are required to wear a cup! Rookie and T-Ball are not required in the field, but it's highly recommended.  In addition to cup/athletic support for catchers, any player purchasing their own catching equipment must ensure that the mask is provided with a LL approved dangling throat guard.

Uniforms (Pants/Socks/Jersey/Hat):

The league will always supply every athlete with a jersey/shirt and a hat/visor. Socks and pants are not provided. Pants at lower divisions should be "baseball" or "uniform" pants, as they are most suitable for the activities throughout the season. For the upper divisions, we suggest buying softball and baseball pants. Uniform jersey/shirt colors per team are not determined until after the formation of teams, verify sizing and place our order for all league uniforms. After all that, we will notify coaches of their respective colors. That can often help parents decide what color of pants to purchase. For older divisions, coaches may speak with their team about a certain color preference. Socks usually follow the same guidelines as pants for their respective divisions. Again this is NOT a requirement of the league.

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