Welcome to Tee Ball! 

If you are curious about your childs age and if they qualify, click on this age calculator link to see. Tee Ball is for 4 and 5 yr olds. 

Little League Age Calculator

For the 2021 Season, we have slightly adjust dates from what is listed below. Practices will start on 4/5 and they will be for the month of April. Once May hits, games will begin (practices still included).  For dates mentioned below, please disregard. 

Typically our Tee Ball Season will start after Spring Break with practices beginning late March. Practices are one weeknight, and then Saturday. Each practice is approximately 1 hour. Games are on Saturdays and can start anywhere from 9 am to 2 pm. They run about 90 minutes in length.

There are no events on Sundays.

Teams are typically formed mid-March, right before Spring Break. Once we have enough Managers for all teams, our player agent will assign players to teams and then release the rosters to the Managers. The league will notify parents when that takes place and Managers typically will contact in the next few days.

Practice times are not determined until teams are in place and the managers pick their practice time slot based on their availability. Hint Hint, Managers have an advantage to controlling the schedule for the "most part".

Games will begin in the 2nd or 3rd week of April. And will run up until approximately the 2nd weekend of June.

For more questions, please contact your Tee Ball Coordinator at [email protected]

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