Fall Ball Registration is Closed! Watch for Spring Registration Opening in December.



As we head into the Fall Season, after a successful Spring/Summer Season through Covid, we now embark back into the world of making sure we take care of all our CLL kids and families.  We do required any new participants to Spring to make sure they sign the covid waiver and turn into their Fall Team Manager. 

Some basic rules below that also families must adhere by. Inability to follow rules may result in termination of Fall Season. Also please understand any games on School Property, this is enforced and mandated by school officials.

1. Face Coverings are OPTIONAL for all players involved on the field of play (batting, base running, defense). Coaches are also optional while coaching "on the field".
2. Players must wear face coverings in the dugout area if they can not maintain appropriate social distance. This includes coaches as well. 
3. Parents may sit w/o face coverings and watch team activities as long as they are appropriately spaced from others. If you are in a bleacher situation or otherwise, and can not maintain distance, please have a face covering or find a suitable location at the field/park that enables you to watch from your seated spot w/o face covering and with proper distance.
4. If your child or ANYONE in your immediate household is experiencing any flu-like symptoms, PLEASE do NOT attend practices or games and notify the team manager immediately. It is imperative that we know of all situations for proper tracing and immediate action if it is determined we have any positive cases and/or direct exposure. 
5. Sanitize/Wash hands prior to coming to the ballpark. 

In general we recognize the importance of keeping the kids out on the field and keeping families safe. Please help do your part to ensure both of those are maintained. 

Any questions, please contact the league directly.



The following documents pertain to our return to the ball field for the 2021 Season. Parents/Players are required to have a waiver signed and on file w/ their respective teams Manager in order to participate this season. In addition, please familiarize yourself with our Safe to Play Guidelines that are also implemented for the season. 

We understand that opinions and emotions on this matter are far reaching and wide ranging. Please understand these are requirements we have in place in order for us to rent fields from the organizations we rent from. If we do not adhere to these requirements, we are unable to have a season for the kids. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we get back to the field and are fortunate enough to be able to offer baseball and softball this season for the kids!

2021 Safe to Play Guidelines - Clackamas Little League

2021 Safe to Play Required Parent/Player Participation Waiver

2021 Clackamas LL Contact Tracing & Health Screening - Required for Teams per each Event (Practice/Game)

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] & [email protected]

Thank you,

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